CANCER BOOK  -- "Consider the Lilies"

Want some eye-opening information about cancer and the ways to cure it? You’ve come to the right place. My book covers 18 good doctors and scientists. These are not home remedies; they are medical cures that are definitely not on the list of the Big Three: chemo, surgery, radiation.


I go over each case (18 of them) and show why the cure got suppressed. Surprise: I never blame it on financial interests. Oddly, now that these cures are publicly knowable, there is still great resistance to them – even among cancer patients!  This is but a psychological problem and we really need to attend to it.


Please take a dare and read this book. It’s user friendly. It is also doctor friendly; I am the widow of a wonderful physician. The 18 curers I discuss are: Naessens, Hamer, Burzynski, Michelakis, (those four are still alive), Rife, Becker, Lakhovsky, Crile, Ott, Olney, Budwig, Beard, Livingston, Gerson, Lincoln, Revici, Glover, and Coley.


The book is a free download on this page. It is also purchasable from the publisher, Trine Day. At Amazon it is usually going for under $15.00. If you want to meet me on Youtube regarding cancer, go here for general talk, or go to this short discussion of Nordenstrom (a 19th curer),

or this little talk which I made at the beach.

Free download