Autism book -- A Balm in Gilead

Autism. A very terrible problem. But this is a rather happy book. It was written in response to the debut of Ido Kedar’s book -- which I consider a historic event in the annals of science. He named his book "Ido in Autismland." Written at age 16, if you please.


My book, “A Balm in Gilead,” outlines the many cures and treatments for autism, yes, ones that have actually worked. But it also canvasses the possibility of using cures related to other illnesses such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. Quite a few surprises here.


There is also a new theory, proposed by none other than Yours Truly, that autism is caused by a lentivrus. If you wish to see me put my case, go to Youtube here.

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