THE BELOVEDS.  Herewith a list of medical books that are loved by me. You may be attached to them, too. Most are free online – if so, I provide links here.


George Crile, MD. Origin of the Emotions (1926?). A fab introduction to the workings of the human body.


Francis Pottenger, DC, Visceral Symptoms of Disease. 1944. Be not prejudiced that he is a chiropractor.


Georges Lakovsky, PhD. The Secret of Life. 1925. Only part medical. It’s about radiation. His ideas are well proven in Philip Callahan’s Tuning in to Nature, 1977.


Charles Creighton, MD. History of Epidemics in UK, 1890? Worth it for the explanation of yellow fever…


Emanuel Revici, MD. Research in Physiopathology, 1961. Mainly about acid-alkali balance and lipids. So good.


Some others, which are not yet free giveaways, but on which I could arrange to lend you my copy are:


B Nordenstrom, MD. Biologically Closed Electric Circuits.

Robert Walker. Functional Processes of Disease. 1951.


And these are cheap enough at booksellers:

Neil Shubin. Your Inner Fish. 2009. How you evolved.

Steve Ross. And Then Nothing Happened. 2008.priceless.


I would love to hear from you about these scientists.

(Note: Today, May 13, 2014, the Treasurer of Australia announced a new budget, with $20 billion for medical research. Sounds pretty silly to me. Why not just resurrect the great, pre-1950 medical texts that are neglected. They have most of the answers!)








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